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Salas: Then and Now

While Salas has been serving Mexican Food in Lawton since the late 1950’s, our beginning came in 1992, when Tony Salas and his wife, Julia Salas, moved across the Red River from Dallas to Lawton to grab the reins at the historic restaurant at 2 nd and Lee, which was in decline, and quickly brought it back to its original glory.

In April of 2015, after 23 years of service at that location, the original building owners opted to not renew the lease. Thus began our unexpected journey that brought us to this beautiful building on Gore, opening in November 2015. It would not have happened without our faithful customers and employees, who lifted us up in love and prayer, cheered us on and encouraged us daily.

Now it's been many tacos and margaritas later, after two kids born and raised, one amicable divorce and a few health scares. Tony and Julia are still friendly partners who share a strong faith, and a passion for excellence in the food and beverage service industry. If it’s your first time or your hundredth, we’re delighted you’re here, and hope you know it was built with you, our loyal customers, in mind.

We are so proud and honored to employ some 50 wonderful employees who care for and support their own families, with dreams for a bright future. Additionally, our passion that we want to share here is our desire to serve the community in other ways. Our efforts to feed the hungry and homeless will only increase, as our success here takes root. That is why we have opted to have one simple mission statement:

To Feed and To Serve.